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MIEKANG Outdoor Solar Mosquito Killer Lamp is Our Eternal Guardian

Announcer:Miekang   Release time:2019-10-6 18:12:37

In the autumn, mosquitoes are highly densely bred, and many infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are transmitted through mosquitoes, causing an outbreak. According to Xinhua News Agency, the number of dengue cases in Brazil in 2017 has reached 745,900, an increase of 234.2% over the same period

last year.

With the word 'dengue fever' developed from unfamiliar medical terms into today's everyday language, mosquito killing not only long been a trivial matter for one family, and it has risen to the point of concern for the safety of people's livelihood. "A staff member of the office of the Patriotic Health Campaign Committee told the reporter that "the mosquito killing in public places is more difficult than indoors, and the effect and environmental protection are difficult to guarantee at the same time.

A PCO pest control Company in Guangzhou received a “mobilization order” and immediately hired a professional anti-mosquito team to start mosquito killing, killing it every three days. However, the speed of mosquito killing is still not comparable to the breeding speed of mosquitoes, and effective mosquito killing is difficult to achieve. The cost of human and financial resources is considerable.

Every year in China, mosquito breeding season has to work overtime to organize mosquito control work, which has also formed a "shock" to other work in scenic spots.

Every year in China, when mosquito breeding season, it is necessary to work overtime to organize mosquito killing work. This has also created an "impact" for other work in the scenic spot.

"Killing the mosquitoes, I am afraid that there is no effect, it is waste of money, but also destroy the ecological environment of the natural scenic spots. I can also let the mosquitoes arrogant but also worry, in case of the spread of the disease, the consequences are unpredictable." Little mosquitoes, why they cannot be cleaned up

In view of the difficulty of mosquito killing in public places and high cost, the person in charge of the well-known mosquito-killing lamp brand MIE KANG Company believes that public places such as hotels, schools and scenic spots are trapped by factors such as site area, spatial structure and topographical differences. Chemical killing seems to be a more general way, but it is not a cure for the rule of law.

What kind of medicine should be used to treat "disease" with poor efficacy and high cost in public places?

The reporter found that many scenic spots, high-end resorts and hotels are using a "prescription" called "all-round anti-mosquito solution" to achieve effective anti-mosquito effect.

According to the reporter's survey, many scenic spots, high-end resorts and hotels are using a "prescription" called "all-round mosquito control solution" to achieve effective mosquito control effect.

 How to achieve the all-round anti-mosquito?

Simply speaking, it is the combination of chemical killing and physical mosquito killing.” The person in charge told the reporter that after the chemical killing, the mosquito control lamps will be controlled according to the social functions and structural characteristics of different public places to consolidate the chemical killing. Large-scale anti-mosquito results, reduce the number of chemical kills and control the number of mosquitoes. Use MIE KANG outdoor solar mosquito killer lamp

We mainly target high-end consumers, and the environmental sanitation indicators are quite strict, especially the anti-mosquito.” The staff told reporters that the anti-mosquito program now adopted is a “specially tailored” to the pests of the MIE KANG brand production company.

Foshan Ming Yu Electric Light Source Co., Ltd. optimizes the whole set of anti-mosquito programs for parking lots, greening parks and corridors according to the distribution characteristics of the location. Especially along the waters and planting areas, the outdoor solar-type mosquito killing lamps are used. Intensive control, usage guidance and after-sales support."

According to reports, Ming Yu electric light source MIE KANG outdoor solar mosquito killer, killing mosquitoes with light source, basically no need to use a large number of manual cleaning, there is no impact on the environment, the power of each mosquito lamp is only 10W. The investment in mosquito killing funds in the landscape area has dropped a lot than before. Only the initial investment is required, and there is basically no cost in the later stage. ”

With the continuous improvement of people's health awareness and environmental awareness, the battlefield of the mosquito warfare is also expanding. From indoors to outdoors, from the south to the north, the anti-mosquito campaign will face even greater challenges. “Although Foshan Ming Yu Electric Light Source Co., Ltd. has a good exploration in this respect, the road to mosquito killing in public places has a long way to go. The search for roads requires the joint efforts of all parties.”

MIE KANG is our eternal guardian.
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