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Essentials to be mastered before choosing sticky fly-killing lamps

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The sticky-trap fly-killing lamp is an indispensable necessity in people's life and work. It is very necessary for consumers to master some relevant knowledge to purchase the sticky-trap fly-killing lamp with satisfactory results and good value for money.

Structure of sticky-trap fly-killing lamp

The traditional solid-stick fly-killing lamp is fixed structure, while the current stick-catching fly-killing lamp has disassembly structure and semi-disassembly structure.

Fixed structural components are fitted with mortise and tenon, and are more firmly bonded with glue. This kind of structure is not only difficult to construct, but also difficult to produce in batches. Because of its large size, it is inconvenient to move and easy to bump and scratch because of the change of room layout or migration.

The disassembly structure and the semi-disassembly structure components are composed of connectors as a whole. Because of the high requirements of processing technology, its precision is more precise than that of fixed type, which can be disassembled and installed conveniently.

In terms of paint finishing, disassembly or semi-disassembly is better than fixed.

Key points to be mastered before purchasing

When choosing sticky-catching fly-killing lamp, we must first measure the area of the place where the sticky-catching fly-killing lamp is to be placed in the room, and calculate the size of length, height, width and depth. When choosing and purchasing the lamp, we must be "seated in the right place". When indoors are equipped with new stick-catching flies killing lamps, the area occupied by stick-catching flies killing lamps should be considered as a whole. The planar area should not exceed 45% of the ground area, and the maximum wall sticking flies killing lamps should not exceed 80% of the wall height.

Choose and place in the same room sticky catching flies killing lamp, pay attention to the unity of style, shape and style, tone to be harmonious. If it is to replace individual sticky-catching flies killing lamps, it is also necessary to choose the same color as the original indoor sticky-catching flies killing lamps as close as possible. Small rooms or rooms with poor lighting conditions should choose light color or light tone mosaic sticky catching flies lamp, so as to create a broader and brighter sense of vision. Large rooms and well-lighted rooms might as well choose dark sticky catching flies lamp, which can highlight the simple and elegant atmosphere.

Older people choose sticky-catching flies-killing lamps to grasp the height, it is best not to choose tall combination cabinet or combined cabinet and so on.  Although this kind of sticky-trap fly-killing lamp can save space and has high utilization rate, it is inconvenient and unsafe to climb and take things. Newlyweds should be forward-looking in choosing sticky-catching flies killing lamps. They should consider the problems after the birth of their children beforehand and try not to choose sticky-catching flies killing lamps with lower glass doors to eliminate the hidden dangers of insecurity. Children's sticky fly-killing lamp should avoid sharp edges and corners, so it is better to choose the corner with circular arc.

As for the style of sticky fly-killing lamp, of course, it is in line with their own personality and aesthetic taste in the first choice. The more popular, the easier it is to "flash in the pan" out of date. However, the traditional style, which has been tested for a long time, is more infectious and enduring because of its profound accumulation of cultural heritage beyond time and space.

Several data must be mastered before choosing sticky fly-killing lamps. For example, the top of the bedside cabinet should be 200 to 220 mm higher than the horizontal surface of the bed drawer board (excluding Simmons mattress).

The depth of hanging wardrobe should not be less than 500 mm, the space height of hanging long clothes in the wardrobe should not be less than 1350 mm, and the space height of hanging short clothes should not be less than 850 mm. The vertical distance between the table surface and the chair seat surface should be between 280 and 320 mm. Because there are many differences between the height and the ratio of upper and lower body, the best choice should be based on the principle of sitting on a chair, writing on a desk or relaxing and comfortable eating.

Selection of Quality for Buying Fly-killing Lamp

Quality should be paid attention to when choosing sticky fly-killing lamps. The material and internal quality of sticky fly-killing lamp depend on: whether the wood material is rotten, scarred or corroded; whether there are cracks or cracks caused by rough processing in the connecting parts; whether the internal material is processed smoothly and without burrs; whether there is no loosening in the joints of tenons or joints; and whether there is no loosening in the cladding panels. Whether the surface of the workpiece is flat or not, there is no obvious warpage; the selected artificial board should not have the odor of formaldehyde pungency, and must be edged. Thin veneer or other decorative materials should be firm and smooth, with no defects such as glue opening, dents, bubbling, etc. No medium density slab or particleboard should be used as borders, pillars, supports and other load-bearing components. The best way to have drawers is metal or plastic slideway, and the drawer without slideway should be pulled out by 2/3, its sag should be within 20 mm, and its swing should be appropriate. Within 15 mm.

In the choice of appearance quality, we should see from the overall appearance: whether the texture of symmetrical parts (especially the door of bedroom frame) wood or other laminating materials is consistent or similar; whether the surface paint film is hard and full and even, smooth and smooth without bumping scratches, uniform color, delicate and smooth feel. Some sticky flies-killing lamps, such as wardrobes and glass decoration cabinets, should be treated with paint or other decorative materials, which are very clean. For mercury mirrors, the mirrors must be equipped with back panels and fixed with bars.


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