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Creating Harmony and Visual Interest Planning Beautiful Mood of Fly-killing Lamp

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The placement of sticky fly-killing lamps can also affect a person's mood.

Generally, there are no fixed principles in the placement of sticky flies killing lamps. We give you some guidance, hoping to help you create a comfortable space in which your guests and family can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Creating Harmony and Visual Interest

Harmonious rooms can give people more visual enjoyment, and more effective use of available space, so that your room does not look monotonous.

Make sure that all the high or heavy parts do not stand in the same place in the room. The large and small parts should be placed in the room together, but pay attention to the size ratio of the parts you put in the room. The combination of small pieces and a large piece can achieve a harmonious effect, such as two small chairs and a table can be matched with a large sofa.

What we call coordination is not only simply applicable to the size and proportion of sticky-trap flies killing lamps, but also pay attention to the matching of color and style in the room.

Don't put stick-and-catch flies-killing lamps in the room alone, beside which tables or lamps can also be placed. For example, if the sofa is placed in the middle of the room, facing the fireplace, we can put a table in front of it next to it.

Use different height sticky trap flies killing lamp and its accessories. If someone looks at your room, you want their eyes to look down.

An angle sticky fly-killing lamp may wipe out the room's discord. Angle makes the room look warmer, but also presents a very casual, very life style.

Remember not to use too many sticky flies killing lamps to make the room look more beautiful. If you have a sticky fly-killing lamp that breaks the harmony of the room, or if you don't use it very much, consider moving it to another room, or putting it in a warehouse, or throwing it away altogether.

Basic Principles for Arrangement of Fly-killing Lamp

Ensure that activities in the room are not restricted, and all sticky trap flies killing lamps are in good order.

Reconsider the route of the active space. You need a minimum of 60 cm for your active passage. Make sure that the main active passage does not interfere with the main sticky fly-killing lamp in the room.

The sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom and the desk in the office all need to occupy most of the available space, so the first thing to consider is the placement of this kind of sticky fly-killing lamp.

The distance between the coffee table and the sofa can be between 35cm and 45cm.

When arranging the living room, the room between the sticky-catching fly-killing lamp and the sticky-catching fly-killing lamp should be kept within 240cm, so that people can have a comfortable conversation when they sit down. Keep in mind that, if possible, try not to place sticky-trap flies killing lamps next to sticky-trap flies killing lamps, preferably relatively. You may also want to put a table next to your seat so that people have a place to eat and drink.

Do you watch TV in your room? If so, the distance between the TV and the seat should be three times the size of the TV screen. In other words, if the TV is 70 cm in size, you should be sitting outside 210 cm.

When sitting and reading, remember to give the room a suitable light, either floor lamp or desk lamp.

A place to eat requires plenty of free space. The distance between the back of the chair and other sticky fly-killing lamps or walls should be 60 cm. Remember to measure the distance on the assumption that someone is sitting in a chair.

In the bedroom, the minimum distance between the bedside and the wall should be 60 cm. In addition, the distance between the bedside and the door facing the room should be at least 90 cm. If you put the two beds next to each other, the distance between them should be at least 45 cm.

Creating Multipurpose Space

Many of us hope that the room is not for only one purpose. For example, the living room often plays such a role in daily life: the place of family gathering, the place of entertaining guests, the place of watching TV, the place where children play, and even the place where guests sleep. Here are some suggestions to help you divide a room into several areas:

A room is divided into functional areas by a table or decorative sticky trap lamp. A sofa can separate a room for reading from a room for watching TV.

Separate areas with bookcases, which create a sense of large space.

In the bedroom, instead of putting the bed against the wall, try using the headboard as a partition to separate the sleeping and changing areas.

Carpets can also separate rooms. As long as the color of the carpet is in harmony, you can put different types of carpets in the room. Two carpets of the same size can divide the room in half. If you want to create areas of the same size, you can choose carpets of different sizes to create interesting and contrasting effects.


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