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Why are mosquito-killing lamps popular?

Announcer:Miekang   Release time:2019-8-31 17:48:57

I. Low Energy Consumption and Strong Energy Conservation

With the upgrading of related technology, the energy consumption level of insecticide lamp keeps decreasing. Nowadays, the energy consumption level of insecticide lamp in practical use is similar to that of ordinary lamp. And the new type of solar insect-killing lamp is almost no need to invest more consumption, so it is more affordable for the regional management team.

2. Continuous pest control

Of course, the typical feature of insect-killing lamp is that the energy source is constantly killing insects, because we all know that the number and reproductive capacity of insects are relatively strong, then the equipment that can take effect for a long time after the installation of insect-killing lamp is very practical, and it can let the insect pests in a certain area get in the process of long-term operation. To the ultimate containment.

3. Minimal impact on people's lives

In addition, people want to have no impact on their lives when they kill insects, and the way of insecticide lamp silent and odorless killing insects basically has no impact on people's health and life experience. And with the intimate upgrading of the technicians, the light of the insecticide lamp will not produce light pollution and impact.

So the reason why insecticide lamp can be loved and welcomed by so many customers is that it has the characteristics of low energy consumption and no need for more investment, and the continuous operation of this equipment makes its insecticidal degree deeper. In addition, insecticide lamp equipment is noiseless, odorless, non-toxic and harmless. It has little impact on people's lives because of its characteristics. Of course, the softness of lighting, including lighting, has been adjusted to a low level of impact on people's lives.


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