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Do you like to climb in the hamburgers on the fly?

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Kansas state university team members said
Electric shock type flykilling lamps cause more harm than the benefits of it

In order to avoid these wings flying insects, therefore many people installing or using the high voltage electric shock type approved lamp or extermination, when flies or other unfortunate flying insects attracted to the high voltage power grid, applauded as electrocution, barbecue, shock type extermination light launched another pollution process. Biology at the university of Kansas, James Urban pointed out that "think in terms of microbial proliferation, shock type flykilling lamps, is not a good way to eliminate flying insects because it actually took the situation even worse, because the insect resin powder spread into the air may cause a bigger problem".
Microbes in the rain of scattered with germs
According to the Kansas state university team members of the research shows that: it could also be the voice of the electric shock a lot of potential with germs, microbes into signals in the surrounding environment. Because of electric shock explosion dead insects produced by bacteria and virus particles with the air. The researchers suggest, not in the food processing areas, hospitals, kindergartens and nurse daily use of electric shock type flykilling lamps, nor in any other insect control important places.
Broce pointed out: "the use of electric shock type flykilling lamps, resulting in a large number of dead insects particles with the air, this is a growing problem rather than solve the problem. Deinsectization process because of the shock type approved lights and led to a new problem, recorded a large number of facts prove, our breathing to these insect resin particles are easy to cause allergies.
According to the team members of the research results show that the body of contaminated flying insects or the digestive tract of bacteria or viruses are spread possibility is very small, because the microbes in the flies and other flying insects. Urban argues that flies flying insects such as body surface to increase the organisms have more potential threat, because flying insects body surface contaminants probably originated from they climbed over the dirt, such as waste or waste.
Urban, points out that although only one over ten million of the virus exist in flies flying insects such as digestive tract were shock process released, but the release of the virus and germs can be spread through the air to far away places.

, according to a survey Broce producers are gradually stop using high voltage power grid type flykilling lamps. New fly traps through special optical frequency and hidden in the back of the armyworm plate work together to achieve the purpose of attracting and killing insects. Broce said that the new method can achieve the same effect of killing and secondary pollution from

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