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Announcer:Miekang   Release time:2020-4-6 12:06:00

1. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the main line of 253.7 nm wavelength and 185 nm wavelength,
Two wavelengths of ultraviolet ray can have very good sterilization effect, including ultraviolet light that can be applied directly to the biological cell's genetic material, namely DNA/RNA,
Make its destruction and killing bacteria; Which can react with oxygen in the air to produce strong oxidation of ozone, to kill bacteria and viruses.
2. New coronavirus by DNA replication.
Main effect Yu Xinguan ultraviolet sterilization process of virus nucleic acid (RNA) and destroy the virus protein layer, which affects its survival and reproduction ability.
This process is called on medicine "disabled".
Special tips:
Although uv germicidal lamp can inactivate new coronavirus, but long-term direct exposure to ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes and skin, and even out
Now more serious damage. Therefore, when using ultraviolet light disinfection, nobody to stay indoors.
After disinfection, the Windows should be opened and ventilation for 30 minutes.
Above is about uv germicidal lamp can kill a new virus, if you need to know more about ultraviolet disinfection lamp can kill a new crown virus?


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