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Outdoor solar mosquito lamp

Announcer:Miekang   Release time:2020-4-5 9:29:58

Outdoor planted flowers and add interest. However, flowers will also attract mosquitoes. How to do? Outdoor solar mosquito lamp problem solving. Avoid drawing using UV purple light mosquito lure cold cathode, has lured power. Electric shock to kill the mosquitoes, purely physical way to eliminate mosquitoes, environmental pollution-free, really is a mosquito technology USES more secure. However, many users have such worry before the choose and buy: outdoor solar mosquito lamp rainy day can use? Sun, durable? Today, he brought together to get to know.
First to tell you, outdoor solar mosquito lamps have good waterproof function, rainy day to work as usual. Destroy the kang mosquito lamp development in considering the outdoor environmental factors, so the mosquito lamp waterproof function is designed. Outdoor solar mosquito lamp is at the top of the solar photovoltaic panels, does not fear the rain; The lamp is made of stainless steel lamp, one-piece circuit device inside the lamps and lanterns, President of sun and rain are no problem. Of course, if the solar mosquito lamp soaking in the water that is no good.
Second, the large capacity lithium battery to ensure the continuous rainy day outdoor solar mosquito lamp can also be used. Outdoor solar mosquito lamp is to rely on solar charging, cloudy day illumination is insufficient, rainy days without sunshine, these cases outdoor solar mosquito lamp charging efficiency will be very poor. In order to ensure that outdoor solar mosquito lamp rainy day use, destroy the kang for outdoor mosquito lamp is equipped with large capacity lithium battery. In sunny day, solar panels high charging efficiency, large capacity battery one fully charged to ensure the rainy day also have electricity. As outdoor solar mosquito lamp, 5200 mah lithium-ion batteries, full of electricity can be used 3 to 5 days at a time.
Finally, intelligent light-control is outdoor solar mosquito lamp rainy day can be used. Although outdoor mosquito lamp has a large capacity battery, but if the power waste, will soon consume, so rainy day can't charging solar mosquito lamp will not be able to use. Therefore, destroy the outdoor solar mosquito lamp adopt electric, according to the mosquito largely nocturnal habits, set up in a state of charge during the day, night automatic induction ambient brightness, unlock the function of mosquito. That is to say, outdoor solar mosquito lamp can be done during the day, don't need to work to save electricity, need of mosquito power supply work at night, improve the utilization rate of power.
Outdoor solar mosquito lamp itself does not fear the rain, the large capacity battery, can cooperate with intelligent electric energy saving device, can ensure that rainy day can also be used as usual. Foshan Ming yu electric light source co., LTD., professional design, production, sales, and after-sale as one of the processes for service in all walks of life are increased by a glorious, kang, gold bat, MK.


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