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A new type of coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment schemes for the sixth edition

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A new type of coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan
(trial version 6)
Since December 2019, wuhan, hubei province has found more cases of new organs
Patients with chronic poison swell inflammation, with the outbreak of 1 m. Other areas in China and overseas are also one after another
Such cases were found. As the disease of acute respiratory infectious diseases have been included in the "in Chinese
The People's Republic of China on the prevention and control of infectious diseases specified b class infectious diseases, according to the class a chronic infection
. With in-depth understanding of disease and clinical experience, we are the new champions
Form ribbon toxic pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program (try out fifth edition revised edition) ", to form
The coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan 6 (trial version) "・
A, etiology characteristic
MO virus belong to. Of the genus coronavirus, envelope, particles in BB
Or elliptic, when for polymorphism, diameter of 60-14 onm. Their genetic traits and SARSr - CoV
Has the obvious difference and MERSr - CoV. Current research shows that with the bat sample SARS, chronic coronary
Poison (bat - SL - CoVZC45) with the course of more than 85%. In vitro points Gao Peiwu,
2019 - nCoV about 96 hours can be found within the human airway epithelial cells, and
In Voro E6 and Huh - 7 points in the cell line, cultivating taste for 6 days.
Understanding of physical and chemical properties of coronavirus from the SARSr CoV - and more

MBRSr - CoV of pose. The virus is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat,

 30 minutes, 561 bH, 75% ethyl bo, containing fat, such as disinfectant, YiQi peroxide and chloroform solvent burning can have

Day, chronic poison, chlorine has epilepsy cannot effectively inactivated poison.

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